We have them! We are working on getting our Tour tab up and going on here. But For now Head on over to our Facebook and you can see all of our up an coming Tour dates now.


The new face of MCM

Okay, so we kind of neglected the last website, but we’re going to try and make up for that now. We’ve got a new website, we’ve got another album on the way, along with new merch designs. Keep an eye on here or on Facebook for more details as things progress.

We are still alive.

So, it’s been a while since we’ve updated here. So.. here it goes. We had a very successful tour. We also made a lot of new friends and got to see a lot of old ones. But a special thanks goes out to Nicky and his family out in Columbia NJ!

Also, we just updated the shows tab with some of our upcoming shows. More to be added in the coming weeks.



Lexington has been good to us. Very Good. We’ve made some great friends in this city, and played some great shows!

A special thanks goes out to The Green Lantern for hosting great shows, The Loaded Nuns, The Infected, Sonic Deville, The Slagsmiths, The Enders, The Locals, The Best of The Worst, and so many others for making these shows so great!

We are really looking forward 2013. And we hope you all stick with us through this new year! ~Soggy.

Also in other news

Our first cd is almost ready for release! Just a few more details to iron out and we will start the process of producing them. As you may have noticed The Album cover is now your welcome screen when you journey on over to our website.

The Album is titled Rotten, and will be anywhere between 13-16 Tracks depending on what makes the final cut. More details will be release oh so soon.. so just keep your grubby little eyes on this site for future updates.